Outline of Facilities


Since its beginnings in 1973, Port Messe at Nagoya Port, one of the largest international trade fair and exhibition locations in central Japan, has welcomed a large number of visitors to many trade fairs, exhibitions, and various events.
Inspiring communication with the world – Port Messe Nagoya plays an important role in the stimulation and globalization of the region, and aims to be a venue loved by many.

September, 2010.


Managed By: Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation
Venue Name: Nagoya International Exhibition Hall(Portmesse Nagoya)
Address: 2-2 Kinjo-futo, Minato-ku, Nagoya 〒455-0848
Facilities Officially Opened: November 1973


1967 Established: Nagoya City Exhibition Association
1973 Construction Completed: Exhibition Hall 1
1987 Construction Completed: Exhibition Hall 2, Event Hall
1993 Construction Completed: Exhibition Hall 3, Exchange Center, Multi-level Car Park
1996 Organisational Change: Nagoya City Exhibition Association becomes Nagoya Urban Industries Promotion Corporation
2010 Nagoya Urban Industries Promotion Corporation merges with Nagoya City Association for Industry Technology and forms Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation.
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