To all users of our facility

We have the capacity to transform our venue to suit your needs.

At Port Messe Nagoya, we have four areas with the largest hall boasting 13,870m2 of floor space, and a total combined area of approximately 35,000m2.
The smallest available space is 350m2. In addition, there are areas which can be subdivided and freely transformed as you desire, to truly give you an endless number of possibilities.
As a convention center, we cater to a large variety of requirements; for 30 to 750 guests, our meeting spaces are sure to satisfy your project’s demands, delivering a truly integral solution.

The ability to accommodate a large number of patrons, coupled with our high capacity car park, we are capable of handling even the busiest events.

In the 2004 fiscal year, together with the implementation of the Aonami Railway Line, access to the site was dramatically improved, affording direct access to Nagoya Station – reachable within 25 minutes.
With central Japan being home to a thriving automobile industry, there are an overwhelmingly larger number of car users in this region compared to Tokyo and Osaka – almost double.
For this reason, onsite car parking capacity is of concern when it comes to venue selection.
At Port Messe, our facility boasts a capacity of 4,100 vehicles, and in addition, we provide 500 free parking spaces for promoters and exhibitors, to meet the region’s distinct and demanding requirements.

Heavy vehicles are given direct access to the grounds, making it easy to move large and heavy loads in and out of the venues.

The exhibition halls have multiple heavy vehicle loading docks which enable exhibitors to effortlessly make numerous drop offs and pickups, and are additionally equipped with utility spaces.
The free standing construction of each hall allows simplified setup, and accommodates large trucks and containers which require unhindered site access.
Our purpose-built facilities provide patrons with the potential for an unsurpassed level of efficiency, enabling them to focus on their work and make the most of their time at Port Messe Nagoya.

With a collaborative support process in place, we provide total back up for all your display needs.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when organizing your first event at a convention center; rest assured, we will endeavor to help you make it a smooth and pleasant one. With a large database of contacts on hand, ranging from electrical to decorative, security, cleaning, equipment rental, printing, accommodation, and other related industries, we are able to introduce you to a large range of specialty suppliers to offer you total support and peace of mind.