Exhibition Hall 3

Moveable partitions create a flexible space, allowing you to divide areas as required.

A truly multipurpose area which caters to a wide variety of events and exhibitions, offering many possibilities. Whether you need to make use of the entire area this hall has to offer, or have custom requirements which require you to subdivide the space into more manageable areas, the flexibility is sure to support your event’s needs and requirements.




Dimensions ●Exhibition area: 13,500㎡(approx.75 North-South×approx.180m East-West)
●Max number of booths: 830 booths(each 3m×3m)
Construction ●Frame: Steel structure(part reinforced concrete);two stories
●Ceiling height: 10-17m
●Entrance: 3 locations
West(7.9m wide and 2.1m high) Central(each 4.9m wide and 2.1m high)×2 East(5.9m wide and 2.1m high)
●Freight entrance: 4 locations A,D(each 6.6m wide and 5m high)×2 B,C(each 8.6m wide and 5m high)×2
Flooring ●Asphalt concrete
●Floor load: 5t/㎡(excluding pit areas)
Available Partition Areas ●4,050㎡,6,750㎡,9,450㎡
Additional Facilities ●First staff room(lighting control board,PA system)
●Second staff room
●Third staff room
●Fourth staff room(lighting control board,PA system)