Exhibition Hall 2

Deliver high caliber symposiums and receptions in this majestic hall space.

With large loading dock access from both sides of the venue, all associated transport and logistics are streamlined to save you time. Furthermore, exhibitors are provided with a specially allocated office area, as well as other convenient facilities for visitors in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for the duration of the event.




Dimensions ●Exhibition area: 6,576㎡(approx.110m North-South×approx.60m East-West)
●Max number of booths: 384 booths(each 3m×3m)
Construction ●Frame: Steel structure(part reinforced concrete);two stories
●Ceiling height: 12.5m
●Entrance: 4 locations(each 7.8m wide and 2.1m high)
●Freight entrance: 6 locations A,B(each 5.2m wide and 6m high)C,D,E,F(each 6m wide and 6m high)
Flooring ●Asphalt concrete
●Floor load: 5t/㎡(excluding pit areas)
Additional Facilities ●First staff room(lighting control board,PA system)
●Second staff room
●Third staff room
●Fourth staff room